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Chef Julian Cazalas invites you to discover unique flavours for an exceptional culinary experience: “It’s a daily challenge, a source of motivation and a beautiful address! “.

With its unmissable risottos, pasta dishes and pieces of meat cooked in the Josper, La Môme takes your taste buds on a journey through sunny Mediterranean cuisine. “Ever since I was a little boy I have loved to be in the kitchen; I have always loved to eat. My father used to call me a gourmet! “.

Our chef has always been passionate about cooking and, together with his team, he uses seasonal and quality products to offer your palate exceptional dishes. Take a seat and let La Môme immerse you in its delicious universe.

Chef: Julian Cazalas

Restaurant open everynight
Gluten-free  Vegetarian
Tuna tartare – 24€ – Dishes 31€

Iced velouté avocado with Espelette pepper, lime, sesame, coriander and soy sauce

Sea bass ceviche – 24€ – Dishes 29€ 

Spicy citrus juice, ginger, coriander and red onions pickled

Creamy Burrata 125G – 23€

Seasonal tomatoes, pesto and balsamic vinegar

Creamy Burrata 500G – 49€

Seasonal tomatoes, pesto and balsamic vinegar

Poached egg yolk ravioli – 19€

Pea espuma, pine nuts and parmesan cheese

Handsome arugula salad – 25€

Pecorino cheese, crushed hazelnuts and seasonal truffle

Raw artichoke salad – 23€

Taggiasche olives, candied tomatoes, spring onions, baby spinach, parmesan cheese and anchovy

Fried zucchini flower – 16€

Spicy tomato sauce

Poached lobster – 62€

Caesar salad style

Marinated salmon – 22€

Dill cream and lime

Vitello tonnato – 23€

Italian style

Caviar Malakhoff « IMPERIAL » 30GR – 65€
Caviar Malakhoff « IMPERIAL » 50GR – 110€
Caviar Malakhoff « IMPERIAL » 125GR – 250€

Caviar Malakhoff « DIAMOND » 30GR – 70€
Caviar Malakhoff « DIAMOND » 50GR – 115€
Caviar Malakhoff « DIAMOND » 125GR – 285€
Rigatoni / Gnocchi dill salmon cream and marinated salmon – 28€
Rigatoni / Gnocchi with truffle cream and summer truffle – 39€
Rigatoni / Gnocchi with poached lobster and creamy bisque – 62€
Rigatoni / Gnocchi Puttanesca and Burrata – 29€
Perrin truffle ravioli – 36€

Truffle gravy and summer truffle

Rigatoni spiny lobster (to share) – 22€/100g

Creamy bisque, basil butter and candied tomatoes

Rigatoni Camerone (to share) – 155€

Creamy bisque, garlic oil, candied garlic and herbs

Vegetarian risotto – 28€

Peas, green beans, candied tomatoes and arugula pesto

King prawns risotto – 34€

Fennel and soya sauce

Summer truffle risotto – 41€

Pine nuts and parmesan cheese

*Price including one side dish to choose
*Tuna saku with sesame – 36€

Caramelised onions sauce, baby spinach and fennel salad, jasmin rice in coconut milk

*Braised octopus – 32€

Candied tomatoes, Taggiasche olives, eggplants caviar and candied garlic

*Large roasted Camerone – 80€

Candied garlic and spices

*Roasted cod steak – 31€

Virgin olive oil sauce

*Roasted spiny lobster – 22€ / 100g

With basil butter and candied tomatoes

Fish of the day 500g/800g – 10€ / 100gr
Big fish of the day to share – 14€ / 100gr

*Price including one side dish and one sauce to choose
– BEEF –
*Salers beef tagliata – 35€

Arugula salad and parmesan cheese

*Black Angus flank – 36€
*Black Angus Tomahawk 1.5kg /1.7kg – (to share) – 210€
*Black Angus prime rib of beef 1kg (to share) – 175€
– PORK –
*Iberian pork presa – 32€
*Glazed rack of iberian pork (to share) – 68€
– VEAL –
*Milanaise veal chop 250g – 38€
*French veal chop 1kg (to share) – 89€
– LAMB –
*Rack of lamb – 36€

Pine nuts, hazelnuts and walnut kernels crust

*Rack of lamb (to share) – 84€

Pine nuts, hazelnuts and walnut kernels crust

Selection of cheeses – 15€

From MONS cheese cellar

Thin Apple Pie – 12€

Crumble tonka, salted butter caramel sauce, vanilla tonka ice cream

GRAND MARNIER soufflé – 12€

Grand Marnier soufflé, dark chocolate ice cream, stewed citrus fruit

The sphere – 12€

Milk chocolate Namelaka, mandarin and ginger sorbet, white coffee pana cotta balls, lime streusel

The hazelnut – 12€
Hazelnut mousse, insert caramel sauce, tonka shortbread, hazelnut ice cream
The Waffle – 12€

Salted butter caramel sauce, vanilla tonka whipped cream, Nutella

Seasonal tart – 12€
The fruits – 28€

Handsome plate of fresh fruits to share

Ice cream and sorbets – 10€
Lemon sorbet and vodka – 14€
Raspberry sorbet and Bourbon – 14€
Madeleine ice-cream and amber rum – 14€
Grapefruit sorbet and gin – 14€
Mango and mint sorbet and amber rum – 14€
Mashed potato with hazelnuts – Coconut jasmin rice and grated coconut – Gnocchi with truffle – Green salad – Garnish of the day
Summer truffle Mashed potatoes +4€
Gravy – Caramelised Onions – Virgin olive oil sauce – Pepper – Harissa
*Additional side dish +7€
*Additional sauce +3€
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