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Chefs: Leo – Julian Cazalas

Restaurant open every night
Gluten-free vegetarian
The Creamy Burrata – 21

Roasted peppers marinated in garlic, spinach shoots, pesto, pine nuts and balsamic

The cep in carpaccio 21

Crushed hazelnuts, parmesan, hazelnut oil and lime

The egg yolk in poached ravioli – 19
Emulsion of chestnuts, cloves and crushed chestnuts
Vitello tonnato 19

As in Italy

The velouté cep – 18

Hazelnut oil, chestnut flakes and cep petals

Beautiful Salad of Rocket – 23

Parmesan and autumn truffle

Scallops in tartare – 24

Autumn truffle, glazed leek velouté and espelette pepper

Lobster in cannelloni – 27

Creamed lobster bisque, leek espuma

Leek in old-age vinaigrette – 18

Egg mimosa

Pepper artichoke in salad – 23

Spinach sprouts, fig, Granny Smith apple, crushed hazelnuts, hazelnut oil and lime

Rigatoni / gnocchi with truffle cream and autumn truffle – 36
Truffle ravioli – $36

Truffled meat juice and autumn truffle

Rigatoni / poached lobster gnocchi – creme bisque – 58
Rigatoni / gnocchi with tomato sauce

Roasted eggplant, burrata and pesto

Rigatoni / gnocchi with morels – 28
Vegetarian risotto – 26

Spinach sprouts, Romanesco cabbage, candied tomatoes and fried artichokes

Autumn truffle risotto, gable and parmesan – 36
Cepae risotto in parsley 31
Lobster risotto, creamed lobster juice – 36
Roasted cod pavement – $29

Eggplant caviar and creamed morels

Saku of bluefin tuna with sesame – 32

Caramelized onion sauce, jasmine rice with coconut milk

Scallops snacked at 30 degrees

Carpaccio of roasted ceps and ceps, truffled juice and emulsionated hazelnut milk

Braised octopus – $29

Candied tomato, roasted pepper and Olive Taggiasche

Roasted wolf pavement on its skin – 34

Crispy vegetables, clams and lobster juice

Fish of the day 500g/800g depending on arrival – 10 / 100gr
Large piece of fish to share – 14 euros / 100gr

Duck breast skewer – 29 degrees

Pineapple, spicy honey

Pressa Iberian – 32

Rocket, parmigiano reggiano

Calf grenadin with morels – 34
Salted beef tagliata, arugula and parmesan 35
Bavette Black Angus – $35
Tomahawk Black Angus 1.5kg / 1.7kg – (to share) – 180
Pressa Iberian – 31
Iberian pork rack lase (to share) – 31
Tagliata of veal fillet – 31
Côte de beau beautiful first Frenchwoman 1kg (to share) – 87
Rack of lamb in a pine-crust – 35

Hazelnuts and walnut kernels

Rack of lamb in a gable crust (to be shared) – 70

Hazelnuts and walnut kernels

Cheese – $15

Selection of MONS cheese refiner MOF

The soufflé – 12

Grand Marnier, caramelized orange sauce

The French toast – 12
Butter-cooked brioche, cinnamon caramelized apples, tonka crumble, caramel sauce, salted butter caramel ice cream
The Waffle – $12

Salted butter caramel sauce, tonka vanilla whipped cream, nutella

The lemon sphere – 12

Sudashi cream, peppery meringue, lime sorbet, chocolate sphere, vanilla sweet paste

The exotic finger is 12 degrees

Creamy passion mango, crispy speculos, caramel flowing heart, tonka vanilla whipped cream

The chocolate hazelnut entremet – 12

Creamy hazelnut milk chocolate, milk chocolate ganache, caramelized hazelnuts, hazelnut ice cream

The fruit – 28

Beautiful plate of fresh fruit to share

ice creams and sorbets – $10
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